Stay Wild.


I want to formally introduce you to the newest addition,
the Wild necklace

So let me start by saying, I am an obvious ocean lover- you can almost always find me at the beach with  salty hair and  sandy feet.  From Isla stemmed from a place of love for the sea and I donate 10% of the proceeds to ocean conservation.  BUT I will jump at any chance I can get to explore the mountains. So I've done something a little different this time, with the Wild necklace.

During a recent hike to Yosemite, I found an even greater appreciation for Mother Nature and her creations. Being completely submerged in ancient tree groves, hearing nothing but birds chirping, and breathing in the crisp cool air of the forrest, I was inspired. 
There was a moment... I put my hands on a 2,000 year old Sequoia tree and felt the history of this tree, I felt at peace, and I felt more grounded than I have ever felt before. This got me thinking, I wanted to create a necklace in honor of this sacred place and to remember this complete oneness with nature feeling I was having.
So often we go on with our lives after a vacation or a trip and act as though nothing has changed. I think you change a little bit with every trip you take. I believe that you discover something new about yourself in every experience you have. I wanted to carry this grounded peaceful feeling with me every single day. I also wanted to help protect places like Yosemite and our National Parks.
By keeping these places wild and free from logging companies, strip malls, and pollution we can help Mother Nature thrive. I want future generations to have the same experience I had, I want there to be wild places left on Earth, untouched from society.  Don't you?

With every purchase of the Wild necklace, I will donate 10% of the proceeds to the National Parks Foundation!