This method can be done anytime throughout the year, it doesn’t have to always be at the beginning. In fact, you’ll probably adjust your goals as the year goes on. Here’s the breakdown: we are going to start with big, yearly dreams or goals, then break them up into smaller monthly and daily objectives that will help us eventually get to the overall goal. 
So much more goes into running a jewelry brand…this is just the beginners guide. When you purchase a piece of jewelry from a small business you aren’t just buying their product. You are supporting a dream.
Then, almost all at once, it hit me. “I’m ready”, said a voice in my head. I knew it was my voice but it sounded stronger and more confident. “I’m ready” I repeated out loud, just to see how it felt. I knew what I was ready for. So I jumped, armed with confidence and the knowledge that the universe would catch me.