Behind the Brand

Hi, I’m Alexa, the designer and creator of this magical little brand, From Isla.
Let me bring you up to speed, I used to live in NYC, where I studied fashion design with a focus on bridal and paid a pretty penny for a bagel. After years of doing the NYC grind thing, I needed a change of scenery, a beach perhaps. I drove to LA with no plan, no expectations, and a stomach full of nerves.
I ended up staying in bridal for a bit longer, before diving into swimwear. Through everything, I’ve always had an affinity for weddings. For one day, you get to live out your absolute dream. I’m forever searching for that whimsical moment or feeling where you are transported to a different world. Through the process of lost wax casting, I am able to create dreamy pieces of jewelry to convey that emotion in a subtle way.
Like everyone, 2020 was a hugely transitional year for me. I finally decided to take From Isla where it was intended to go a long time ago. Making the leap to fine jewelry hasn’t been easy, but I hope you stick around for the next chapter of From Isla.
Thank you for being here!
About the Brand

Every now and then the veil between what we know and what we cant see is lifted. In those moments of wonder and disbelief, we open our minds to what could be. 

Intertwining narratives of folklore and mythology with organically crafted pieces, From Isla brings a sense of magic to fine jewelry. Harnessing the mystical elements of moonstones and diamonds, you can feel the energy pulsing through each piece. Driven by a passion for the sea, From Isla captures the essence of the ocean through texture and color. The ocean has always been a place of calm and a source of inspiration for Alexa. In an effort to contribute to the preservation of our seas, a portion of the proceeds is donated to ocean conservation.